When Life Gives You Lemons….

I’ve never particularly been a fan of lemonade, and I’ve finally discovered why that is.  You see, the lemonade I’d always tasted was made from Koo-laid packets, frozen cans, or powders…with tons of sugar added until it was more sweet than tart.  Until one day recently, I was offered a cold glass of fresh, squeezed-by-hand, more-tart-than-sweet, REAL lemonade.  I have never tasted such lemonade…and I could not put the glass down.  I expected sweet and sugary with a hint of lemon, instead I got tart and refreshing with a hint of sweet.  I’m talking the kind of tart that makes the insides of your mouth pucker and sends a shiver down your spine.  I couldn’t stop drinking it, as if it were nectar of the gods, glass after glass….

My point? Lesson learned.  Only the tartest, hardest to swallow, real lemons make the best lemonade.  So as I look at my life, I’m seeing a lot of hard-core lemons.  Can’t wait to taste the lemonade. 🙂


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