Tales of June Bugs and SuperCuts

Today was an adventure in some of the smallest portions, but an adventure none-the-less.  It began with a visit from the lovely local plumber, who has the no small task of creating awkward situations while tracking mud into your home.  After an hour of me trying to make small talk about plumbing and hose clamps, I moved on to my next adventure…

June Bugs are my nemesis.  My arch-enemy.  There is only one bug I despise more,  but I won’t mention it’s name because it makes me shudder 🙂  I have no idea what purpose June Bugs serve on this earth, but I would like to ask Jesus one day exactly why He created them.  Never the less, June Bugs are actually April Bugs in Houston, and they are everywhere.  Dead or alive, they freak me out.  During the evenings, they collect around my front door as they frantically attempt to fly into the porch light over and over again.  So one of my tasks this morning was to sweep them (dead or alive) away from the door.  Otherwise, I jump 3 feet over them each time I go out the front door – a task that is not easy when carrying groceries or cats.  I was brave.  I was quick.  I defeated the June Bugs.  At least for this morning….

After filing my tax return and paying said taxes (enough said on that subject…), I headed to my favorite hair salon for a long over due hair cut.  Hair cuts relax me.  I am notorious for yawning during hair cuts…the hairdresser is used to it and takes my yawns as compliments.  It’s the next best thing to getting a massage.  All this anticipation built up after bugs, plumbers, and taxes….only to discover the hair salon is now closed on Mondays.  Well by now, my hair feels 14 inches long, heavy, and looks worse than it did when I left – I HAVE to find a hair cut.  After driving and searching, I finally settle on SuperCuts.  Several significant steps down the hair salon ladder, but hey, I paid taxes today – I can use something cheap right?  I walk in to a completely empty salon, save for a little Chinese man.  Who proceeds to yell at someone in the back…who turns out to be a Hispanic woman that only speaks Spanish.   How these two business partners EVER communicate is beyond me.  They both look at me and the lady says, “Hair cut, yes?”.  Good.  At least we’re on the same page?  I am quick to discover there is not going to be my beloved hair washing ritual that I so treasure at hair salons.  Oh no, out comes the spray water bottle…my hair is semi damp when the lady begins to cut.  A very sweet lady, but I really have to paint the picture for you.  Chinese Guy is watching the all-time India channel on tv behind my chair.  Hispanic Lady is speaking rapid Spanish to him, to which he is not responding.  She has a raspy “I’ve smoked a lot of cigarettes” voice.  And did I mention the teeny tiny black mini skirt? And the protruding tummy roll? I keep my eyes closed, partly so I don’t stare at her (as you know, hairdressers have to stand uncomfortably close to their clients) and partly so I can’t see what’s happening to my hair.  Literally 10 minutes later, she hands me a mirror and says “Good, yes?”.  Uh huh.  I look like a wet dog…and there’s no offer to blow dry hair in this hair salon.  I pay my $14.95, get a very awkward hug from my apparently new friend The Hairdresser, a wave and something I can’t understand from Chinese Man, and I step out to my car.  I’m not sure what just happened, and even though my hair looks horrible, I somehow feel like I experienced something really really special….but what was it?

Ah well.  Enough adventure for today.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring? 🙂


One thought on “Tales of June Bugs and SuperCuts

  1. too bad you didn’t have to jump over june bugs on your way out of the salon just to bring things full circle. =)

    bravo…this thoroughly entertained me. Oh wow…another aftershock. I gotta go see if my house is falling over.


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