20 Answers to 20 Questions

1. Isaiah 41:20.

2. Any form of cheese.

3. Football.  Especially College.

4. God is faithful.

5. No, not yet.  But see Answer #4.

6. Yes, Houston is humid.  And a beginning.

7. Two cats. Jack and Luke.  Yes I like dogs too.

8. Red Nissan Xterra. If God provides the finances that is…

9. China again, France, and Italy.  Some day.

10. Piano first.  Guitar second. Voice third.

11. When I know, I’ll let you know 🙂

12. Reading. Novels to Southern Living to Bible.

13. Taking out the trash. Despise it.

14. Vacuuming. Oddly like it.

15. Being lied to. Can’t stand it.

16. Grey’s Anatomy.  No judging.

17. Golf.  Will learn when someone patient teaches me.

18. Iced Tea.  Unsweetened. With Lemon 🙂

19. On an adventure with Him.  At a pit stop right now getting new tires.

20. Love is waiting.