Birthday Month

February is the month of girly birthdays in the Wilson household.  3 weeks in a row of pink, presents, love, and giggles.  My sister’s birthday comes first on February 7th, then a nice respite with chocolate on Valentines Day, then my birthday follows on February 24th.  It’s quite a month of pure happiness.

Birthday Bandanas

My sister and I wholeheartedly agree that February is indeed one of the best month out of the 12.  Birthdays were not extravagant ordeals, like those you’ll find on reality shows today – see some on

But my mom always had a cake – usually homemade with more love and time than I am sure to have the patience for.  Some of the favorites were the classic “Winnie the Pooh’s honeypot and honeybees”, numerous pink heart-shaped cakes, and anything else sweet and girly that you can imagine.


Birthday Cakes
Birthday Cakes

My sister and I have this “special February bond” because we share a birthday month 🙂  Call it silly, but we call it important and wouldn’t have it any other way.

For two sisters who grew up sharing a lot – rooms, Barbies, fashion shows and talent shows, and eventually clothes and jewelry,

Fashion Show



we didn’t mind sharing a birthday month.  It’s like having a birthday all month long, even if it’s not yours!  Even now, we anticipate February almost as much as Christmas.  No matter how young or old we get, my sister makes February so much fun.  Because we claim it as “our month”, it’s given us many excuses to get together, laugh, spoil each other, and I know it always will.  If you haven’t met my sister, you are missing out 😉  I wasn’t always keen on sharing my Barbies with her – but at least she knew how to play with them! A little brother would have destroyed them on the driveway along with the hot wheels.   We already have so many memories together:

Charity and Charissa
Charity and Charissa


many, many good memories with lots of giggles, tears, and loud laughter:

Baking something wonderful
Baking Something Wonderful


and many shared secrets and long late-night talks

Not Packing...
Not Packing...

And many more memories to come.  Charissa, here’s to many more Birthday Month’s, Slumber Parties, HGTV projects, trips to the zoo, Squeaky Spots, surprise b-day trips, and M*A*S*H quotes.  You are my best girlfriend, the bestest sister a girl could ask for. Love you 🙂  (And don’t be mad at me for posting pics of you…you are of course, adorable, in ALL of them.)

Best Sisters
Best Sisters



It actually worked!

Did you know that the expensive “crackle medium” you buy in cans is really just plain old white (elmer’s) glue? Any white glue will work just like the really expensive stuff in cans.

We all love the “shabby chic” look of old crackled paint. When we’re lucky, it happens naturally. But most times we have to help it along.

Crackling is great for covering up flaws. If you’re considering sanding off old layers of paint, crackle instead – it’s much faster & gives the item a lot of character.

How it’s done:


Method 1: Color underneath

1) Primer your item if it wasn’t previously painted (I used steel wool to rough up the varnish)

rubbed with steel wool

2) Paint it with the color you want to show in the cracks (use a color with a lot of contrast to your top color if you want your effect to be dramatic.)

2 coats of red

3) Paint the glue on. You can dilute it a little to make it easier to work with. Use a brush, not a roller. Cheap brushes work better – they leave more lines & therefore more detail in the cracks. PUT IT ON THICK! Thin coats don’t crack well

Experiment – the more glue you put on, the bigger the cracks.

I like to use a funky, random pattern so the cracks aren’t all in nice neat brush lines.

And I like to vary the thickness of the glue from one part to the next so the cracks look natural. (What they don’t tell you is that the thinner parts will dry faster so you end up guessing when it’s really time to paint the top coat!)

TIP: Thin coats work best on vertical surfaces. This is true for both the glue and the topcoat. If you paint them on too thick, it will all run down & be a gloppy mess. (TRUE…but still cool).  You can turn your item on it’s back, crackle the front, turn it on the side, crackle the side, etc. I did this on an armoire. It’s time consuming, but works great.

about an hour to dry
thinner coat of glue would have been better
It still turned out cool

4) After the glue is set up, but still tacky,(more than 1 hour, but not more than 2 or 3 – depends on your thickness & weather) paint on the main color. Don’t let the glue dry too much – it won’t crack if it’s too dry. (The glue will streak in the top coat – you’ll see white cracks before you see the paint underneath…don’t panic like I did. It’s supposed to spread with the top coat!)

slightly worried about painting on top of glue

As the top color(and glue) dries, the underneath color will be revealed in the cracks.

It worked!
Definitely worth it!