How to say “Thank You”

Love. Her.
Ok, everyone HAS to know, that us Wilson siblings have the BEST mom ever.  It’s just truth.  I’m sure your mom is awesome too, but in our minds – no one outranks Denise 🙂  So with Mother’s Day coming tomorrow, it’s just not easy to be away from her!  Sending a present and card in the mail is just not enough.  So the age-old question is, how to say “Thank you” to the world’s best mom? Especially knowing that so much of who I am and where I am today is to my parent’s credit.  How do you say “Thank you”?

Mom Rocks.

For countless meals fixed or fetched, for hairdos perfected before school and messed up before she got us all the way there, for refereeing more sibling battles than one can count,for praying for us day in and day out,  for pretending and being silly, for enduring back to school shopping with two daughters year in and year out, for listening, for taking us on vacations to places we wanted to go, for giving us Pooh Sticks, for Christmas PJ pictures,  for protecting us from harm, for comforting us when kids were mean, for correcting us when we were mean, for listening to kids’ music in the car, for teaching our VBS classes, for volunteering at the school, for making us laugh, for teaching us the value of coupons, for cheering us on from the bleachers even when our Jr. High B-team couldn’t win a game, for enduring our adolescent mood swings, for playing basketball in the driveway, for teaching us about Jesus Christ, and for doing all these things with love and a smile on her face. HOW? How do I thank my mother for raising me? And for doing it without letting on how hard it was?

I don't understand why people think we look alike....

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to thank her sufficiently.  Hopefully one day I’ll be a mother as well, and then I can at least say “Now I know!” 🙂  But for now, with all the love and gratitude that can be sent across the airwaves between Houston and Canyon, THANK YOU 🙂

Happy Mother's Day!!

Love you, Mom.